Notes from Shareholders

"My thanks again for your support, care, great skills, talent and perseverance with the Mentor vision and the wonderful capabilities to do it all with such integrity and passion."

— DW 1/7/2018

"...very grateful for the efforts of Mr. Billingsley and Mentor Capital..."

— JD 10/10/2017

"...have allowed me to fully recover my original investment and add significant value to my retirement accounts."

— MS 10/6/2017

"I appreciate everything you are doing on my behalf and all the others!"

— SN 10/5/2017

"I can never thank Mr. Billingsley enough for all he did, has done, and continues to do on behalf of us...We sincerely hope the Good Lord Bless you for all you've done... Thank you (repeatedly!)"

— PB 10/4/2017

"I would like to say that I have been dealing with Chester Billingsley for almost twenty years and I think he is a hero. Chester rescued myself and others from a horrible investment scam and has been nothing but upfront, available and decisive with all the actions he has taken to protect what was left of our investments. Through his efforts, I was able to make some money off of my Mentor stock, which sustained me and my family after I was downsized from my corporate job 3 years ago. It took me more than a year and a half to find another position, so we lived off the money I received from my stock sale.

I... have all the faith in the world that Mentor Capital is always doing the right thing and Chester has been our best interest at heart..."

— JB 10/4/2017

"...we've grown to expect nothing but the best from Mr. Billingsley and his staff..."

— SB 10/3/2017

"Sara, Thank you very much for your time, courtesy and efficiency... It was indeed a pleasure to speak with you..."

— PB 9/22/2017

"I always believed in Chet's skill and expertise in turning around the companies and help us not only recover our loss but make lots of money. Only a genius like Chet can help investors like us. Thank you, Chet."

— VB 5/2/2017

"Hi Sara,... It's such a relief to know we're dealing with such honest and helpful people.

Thanks to all of you!"

— SB 3/1/2017

"I would like to take this time to commend Ms. Collingwood for going above board on helping me. She was very kind. I know I can be a bother at times, but she never acted as if she was upset with me. I wish all companies had employees such as she."

— SC 9/4/2014

"[W]hat you've overcome is truly impressive,...So thanks for all of your determination and persistence that made it all possible... You're the best."

— BM 3/15/2014

"Chet has been managing my investment for many years, and he is building it with honor and creativity."

— JM 2/2/2014 (LinkedIn)

"We remain very positive on the future of Mentor Capital under your leadership."

— RM 7/2/2014

"You know that when we started this years ago I just hoped to get some of my lost oil money back - never did I dream that I could ever be made whole. But, I believed in you... Thank you."

— JK 2/23/2014

"Congratulations on a job well done... you are a good person."

— CK 2/4/2014

"Mr. Billingsley has an impeccable reputation from West Point to his recognition from the President of the United States. He has always had a plan for success for his investors..."

— JM 7/19/1999

"[I] have the utmost confidence in [your] ability..."

— MM 7/19/1999

" are doing a wonderful job of salvaging our investment."

— VB 1/15/1999

"Such support shows a respect and appreciation for your untiring efforts. "

— BM 1/9/1999

"[I] would like to join you in pursuit of doing what is Right..."

— TS 12/18/1998

"I'm glad that you want to do what's right... I really appreciate that..."

— BC 12/16/1998

"To me, the name 'Chester Billingsley' evokes feelings of confidence and trust...I am continuing to put my trust in YOU..."

— SB 12/4/1998

"[I] put my full faith and confidence in you..."

— ALR 12/3/1998

"[I] believe... in Chester Billingsley."

— WVP 11/26/1998

"[I] pray that you will lead us thru this... successfully."

— EG 11/20/1998

"I think you are 100% right. If you stepped out of the way, we would all be 'thrown to the wolves.' Please hang in there'. [sic]"

— EW 11/18/1998

"[I] believe in you Chester and feel you are doing the right thing for the investors... I trust in you and your efforts... I thank you... for your thoughtfulness."

— COB 11/9/1998

"[T]hank goodness you're involved... And heartfelt thanks... "

— IC 11/1/1998

"[I] am very encouraged to have you at the head of this enterprise as you pay attention to the investors and their concerns. I feel as if I count...You have my confidence..."

— EG 10/21/1998

Text from a Competing MMJ Public Company CEO

"Congratulations on your stock movement. You were always smarter than the rest!... You're doing a great job for your investors."

— MN 2/16/2014

Articles About Chet Billingsley

"Forcing Success"

"Impeccable Honesty"

San Jose Business Journal

"He's a straight-shooting guy"
"His intent is to run a squeaky-clean business, and we accountants like that"

"CEO Chet Billingsley..."

"His good reputation is a form of capital."

Barter News

"In the long run - good things happen to good people."
"Impeccable honesty."
"You can't do a good deal with a bad guy."
"One has to be responsible."
"Our whole contract-law and legal system -the fact that we sign contracts - all stem from [the] ten commandments."
"I respect and would hope to emulate in a small way the character and approach of Warren Buffet."

"Taking the Business World by Storm"
White Bear Press

"He's always been honest." (Mother)
"People in Minnesota are the salt of the Earth. They are honest, hard-working, well-educated, and generous to those in need."

"Speaks Out on Success"
Women's Voice

"Talks of the necessity for openness and honesty in the work environment."
"Good things happen to good people."
"You can't do a good deal with a bad guy."

"Investors in Oil Trust"
San Jose Business Journal

"I have tapped out my credit cards to contribute to Main Street, but I have a fiduciary and moral responsibility to take care of the [shareholders] who have invested in Main Street."

Articles Written by Chet Billingsley & Miscellaneous

"In Depth Interviewing"
Woman's Voice Magazine

"You can't do a good deal with a bad guy, if you perceive a bad character, cut your losses."
"With a hard working, honest fellow you can do a lot."
"Carefully screen them for good character."

"Use Caution When Kissing Snakes"
Women's Voice Magazine

"If you identify someone of questionable character, don't do business with them. The dishonesty tax is always too high.