Leading-edge cancer companies were Mentor Capital’s historic focus especially in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Mentor has some limited continued legacy investments in this area and is pleased that with cannabis it will continue to be involved in the cancer field. This because medical cannabis reduces nausea and increases appetite with cancer patients so they have the strength to continue their treatments. The switch from cancer to cannabis occurred because the government became more involved with health care and then said they were not going to reimburse cancer immunotherapy treatments, collapsing our sector. As a result, Mentor Capital looked for cancer-related investment with profit potential and found that the growing medical marijuana field needed funding. On investigation, Mentor concluded that cannabis acquisitions and major funding actions could not only help save cancer patients’ lives, but also was in a sector that was rapidly expanding.

Mentor Capital felt there were significant opportunities to approach the medical marijuana market as a business-focused, high-integrity, public company providing significantly more financing to private cannabis companies.