Thursday, April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Simple Self-Tests 

1) Take a deep breath and hold for ten-seconds.  If you don't cough or really want to cough, you probably don't have an established case of COVID-19.

2) If you initially have only a runny nose and sputum, without a sore throat, fever or cough, you probably have just a common cold.

3) Initial Corona virus signs are a fever, sore throat, dry cough, but with no runny nose.  Take your temperature often if suspicious, and be wary of a temperature of 100 F or more. (Runny nose may come later).

4) Progressively, if you or others have shortness of breath, feel like you are drowning, your lips/face have a bluish tint, you become confused, or another can't be awakened, seek medical attention.

MNTR Positioned to Avoid Most Corona Impact

1) MNTR has cash or cash equivalent resources to cover 16 months of operation. 

2) In the 33 Medical Marijuana States, anecdotal reports are that sales are up 30% to 50% as users stock up from dispensaries that have been generally classified as "essential." 

3) Trash volume with more people at home in their apartments would seem to increase our trash consolidation business which is outdoor work and classified as "essential."

10-K Summary 2019

2019 BOOK VALUE: $3.01M
2019 REVENUE: $4.33M
MARKET CAP: $2.23M  = 1.0x MCap
(Today)  = .54x Revenue
 = .74x Book Value

Please reference the Company's 2019 Form 10-K here that has comprehensive information detailing, explaining, and significantly supplementing the summary above. That information is also available at at the Investors' Corner >> SEC Filings or through the SEC EDGAR System

P.S. The best thing that can be done to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus is to have all folks away from home wear a mask or bandanna, like in Japan that has only 70 deaths with 160 Million people. Even a simple cloth bandanna will stop 99% of ejected droplets including during the early stage when a Corona carrier has no symptoms but is infectious. This is good to require around your elderly loved ones and would allow us all to get back to work earlier.


Chet Billingsley, CEO & Founder
Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR)