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Public Market-Like Liquidity
for pre-IPO Companies

▲ Liquidity for Founders & Investors
▲ Operate from a Public Portfolio
▲ Funding at Higher Valuations

About Us

Providing Public Market Access for Leading Companies

Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR) is a public operating company that invests in its larger pre-IPO-related acquisitions and fundings. Mentor takes a significant position in the various members of our family of participating companies but leaves operating control in the hands of the company and legacy company founders. This allows founders to continue to lead and grow their businesses with the funding, acquisition currency, and benefits of working within the public environment. Investors also may find liquidity if they choose to exchange all or part of their ownership for Mentor shares. Prior to October 4, 2023, Mentor had a legacy investment in Waste Consolidators, Inc. (WCI), which began in 2003 as an initial $72,000 position and grew to a business with approximately $7.6M in annual sales.


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